Mission & Vision

Our MISSION is to protect, foster, develop and advance the rights and interests of people with developmental disabilities.

To provide progressive life assistance to adults with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities through community residences, employment services, innovative day programs, social opportunities and related support services.  Envision at Dre’s Haven is our safe, affordable, stimulating, and inclusive environment creatively designed to help residents maximize their abilities and achieve their full potential for living meaningful and productive lives.  We support this mission by providing:

  • Safe, clean, comfortable homes staffed by highly trained Direct Support Professionals

  • Administration of medication under the guidance of Registered Nurses

  • Consultation and collaboration with general and specialized medical and mental health practitioners 

  • Assistance with the development of goals and objectives to strengthen independent living skills

  • Verbal de-escalation and positive redirection promoting community integration

OUR VISION:  To increase the number of housing options available to adults with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities by advancing new residential prototypes that consider innovation, individuality, community integration and choice while balancing economic realities.  Dre’s Haven is committed to energizing an era that brings public, private, and nonprofit sector interests together, and allows adults with IDDs and their families to choose their residence based on their individual needs and choice and end unnecessary institutional involvement.



  • Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families come first in everything we do.

  • Commitment to excellence and professionalism are key tenets at all levels of our organization.

  • We are one team with one vision and one mission working together.

  • Collaboration and partnership within our organization, and with others who share our vision and values, are keys to our sustained success.

  • Integrity, honesty and ethical behavior guide all our endeavors.

  • Diversity of ideas, cultures, ethnicity and abilities strengthen our efforts.


During 2020, we celebrate 20 years in business with the launch of our Independent, Supportive Living Center.  I'd like to thank everyone who supported me and Dre's Pathway, for without you, this would not be possible.  I would like to especially thank the following: Dre Jones,  Lawrence Blount,Sr., Senator Randolph Bracy,  Rep Ramon Alexander,  Aundre Jones, Sr.,   Auntre Jones, Josh Clayton, Anita Whitby-Davis, Lyn Brinson, Maria Murphy, Danecia Williams, Teresa Franklin-Ferguson, Norman Wallace,  Tonya Webber, Lillie Epps, JoNetta Chukes,  Glenise Island, Norman Wallace, Cyril & Shirley Coefield, Vice-Mayor Victoria Siplin, Marilyn Ruffin, Carolyn Florence, Michael Lynn, Dr. Cannon Cameron, Commissioner George Oliver, Pierre Smith,

Finally, to the 382 former students, consumers, and mentees of the Dre's Pathway to Possibilities Program; I love and appreciate each of you and the contributions you have made  to Dre's Pathway. Thank you for the opportunity to make a difference in your lives and the lives of your families as well. It has been my greatest joy to teach you, learn from you, and watch you grow. Likewise, it has been a pleasure, and live-changing  experience to be a part of your lives. I hope that you will always remember what you have learned as you "navigate" adulthood and flourish in the "real world.   Embrace every opportunity and challenge as you live the best life you can! I love you all!


Tonja Jones-Blount, Founder & Executive Program




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